Henish has become familiar with the beauty of natural births as a father of 3 children. He has caught a baby being born, cut umbilical cords and supported his wife during the home birth of their second child. He is happy to support this incredible organization to help families have a better birth experience.  
Professionally, Henish has worked in the mortgage and real estate industry doing underwriting, sales, servicing operations, management and consulting. Henish now owns CalHomeCo, which features three distinct businesses: Real Estate Broker, Investment Properties, and General Contracting. He also owns properties that are in the process of being developed into large multi-family housing in San Diego. 

Henish Pulickal || Board Member

Ashlee played an intricate part in the creation of the Tourmaline Birth and Wellness Collective. She is one of the founding members and has been helping create a beautiful space and community for the families of Tourmaline from day one. Her natural artistic ability was the inspiration behind the beautiful esthetics of the center. She is the wellness coordinator of Tourmaline, and curates all the social media. Ashlee has a passion for holistic and herbal medicine and is currently enrolled in the “Herbal Medicine for Women” course by Aviva Romm to grow her knowledge.

Ashlee has a passion for serving her community and has traveled to many countries doing volunteer work. Recreationally, she enjoys playing the piano and practicing pottery. She volunteered to help out the board of Thrive during the difficult times of Covid and has now been the Secretary of Thrive for 2 years.

Ashlee Davis || Secretary

Warren Smith is a 32-year-old veteran from Toledo, Ohio who has a passion for giving back to his community. After serving in the military, Warren has decided to bring his leadership skills and dedication to service to Thrive. He is eager to use his experiences and strengths to support the organization's mission of helping underserved communities thrive.

Warren has a deep commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others and has always felt a calling to help those in need. As a veteran, he has seen the challenges that people can face, and he is determined to use his unique perspective to make a difference.

With his passion for service and his drive to succeed, Warren is poised to be a valuable asset to Thrive. He is committed to doing all he can to support the organization and make a meaningful impact in the lives of those it serves.

Warren Smith || Treasurer

Taylor grew up in a family of dedicated doulas, childbirth educators and maternal health advocates in Hawaii, fueling her desire to help families who may not know all of their options. She studied Social Entrepreneurship in Washington, D.C. and has a background in marketing, fundraising, and partner relations from her time working in Los Angeles for the last 7 years. In 2021, Taylor decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and dedicate her time to maternal health, being trained by DONA as a Birth and Postpartum Doula, helping families in Los Angeles. She recently made the move to San Diego, and is passionate about using her background in partner management and fundraising to support families through Thrive Wellness Collective.

Taylor Dewey|| Donor Relationship Manager

In 2002 Allison founded “Healing Notes' a non-profit providing certified music therapy to hospitalized children. This led to more exposure to the benefits of all types of holistic medicine. She knew she wanted to help support women during pregnancy, and avoid the unnecessary interventions she encountered with her other children. She ultimately found her way to midwifery care through the pregnancy and birth of her fourth child and became passionate about educating families on other, safer options for birth. She became a D.O.N.A trained doula and followed that path for 8 years, attending many births in and out of the hospital setting.

It became clear to her that most people are not aware that they have rights, that they can say “No” to a doctor or nurse.They can make choices that they feel are best for themselves and their baby. She believed that to truly change the outrageous maternal mortality statistics in the U.S, women must be empowered and given the individualized midwifery care that most other developed countries offer to their community. This passion led her to become a midwife. 

She applied and was accepted to the Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery in 2014.During her doula career and experience as a student midwife she learned that consistency in care provides better outcomes, which is a major component our system is lacking. Out of this passion for holistic, integrative healthcare Tourmaline Birth and Wellness Center was born. Seeing how most women have to choose where they give birth based on what insurance covers, and not based on where they

Allison Tartari || Executive Director

Dr. Jordi is a Pediatric Naturopathic Medical Doctor based in San Diego, CA with a passion for growing healthy humans from before birth through childhood. She specializes in fertility, pediatrics, and neurodevelopmental disorders in childhood. Throughout her medical career, she has worked extensively with autoimmune and chronic disease patients and has discovered that many diseases are preventable. This is what fueled her passion for working with children and preconception, so she can work to prevent future diseases and support proper development. Unfortunately, many people don’t have access to these preventable services due to many insurance companies only covering the bare minimum. Bringing holistic services to women and children in need has become a passion of hers. 

She also has a background in working with nonprofits. When she was a child, she volunteered at various fundraisers, in schools for children with special needs, and would even get gifts in the form of charitable contributions made in her name from family members. In her adult careers in nonprofits, she found a passion for raising awareness through fundraising events and outreach. Thrive Wellness Collective truly combines her passion for holistic healthcare services with her love of giving back through nonprofit work.

Dr. Jordi Smith, ND || President










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